The ClassicMODUL and Classic Exhibits relationship offers the best products and services in North America and Europe. ClassicMODUL brings more than 50 years of combined experience in design, engineering, and outstanding customer relations to the specialty retail and exhibits manufacturing business. We have the experience that built an industry -- we're confident we can build the exhibit of your dreams.

ClassicMODUL supplies aluminum extrusions and accessories to the exhibit, retail, and museum trades. Unlike traditional extrusion providers, ClassicMODUL offers comprehensive design, CAD, and engineering solution support. Whether you need 20 ft. of Q 914 or a 30' x 40' double-deck island, ClassicMODUL has the talent and expertise to transform your designs into a reality. ClassicMODUL has production facility in Portland, OR. Rental options are also available.

Classic Exhibits has been manufacturing and designing exceptional portable, modular, and custom hybrid exhibits since 1993. Classic is represented by over 200 distributors in North America and international markets.

Aluminium Extrusions